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Triple Crown

Triple Crown

The purpose of the Triple Crown competition is to promote overall working performance and versatility in Labrador Retrievers. Points will be awarded for participation in the spring conformation and obedience match and in the summer working certificate test. The dog with the highest total score will be awarded the Triple Crown.

2011 Triple Crown

First Place:
Merlin,Grampian Raptor Mystique, Barb Burri.
200 pts conformation, 200 pts obedience, 150 pts in retrieving = 550

Second Place:
Luke, Jayhawks Cool Hand Luke of Little River, Joan Viator.
200 pts conformation, 200 pts obedience, 100 pts in retrieving=500

Third Place:
Emmy, Danbridge Kathryn’s Emmy Award,  Shirley Cardello.
200 conformation 1st, 150 Obedience 2nd = 350

2010 Triple Crown

Standings (May 2010):

Joel Wolff and Cory 1st obed (200) 2nd in breed( 150)
Charles Haynes and Parker, 2nd Obed (150) and 1st in breed (200)

2009 Triple Crown

2008 Triple Crown

2007 Triple Crown